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Embracing Failure as a Practice with ADHD

This week we’re diving into the Paradox of Failure. It’s something game designer Jesper Juul came up with, and it’s all about how gamers are weirdly drawn to the very thing we’re trying to avoid: failure. Even when a game is exasperating, we just keep going back for more. It’s all part of this cycle Juul talks about, where we set a goal, totally flub it, and then scramble to find a solution. It’s a crazy ride, but it helps us grow and keeps us from throwing in the towel.

Dr. Carol Dweck taught us about the “growth mindset.” It’s all about loving a good challenge and not letting failure get you down. Instead, we use it as a springboard to get better and smarter. We’ll also share some tips and tricks to help you embrace this kind of mindset, so you can tackle failures head-on, whether you’re battling a boss in a game or facing challenges in the real world.

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