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Macro-transitions and All The Feelings with Tommy Metz III

Buckle up for an episode packed with laughter, real talk, and maybe just a dash of existential dread. We’ve roped in our buddy and partner-in-podcasting-crime, Tommy Metz III, who you might recognize from that other awesome show, “What’s That Smell Presents: All The Feelings”.

Kick back as Tommy spills some tea about himself, the mysteries of his life, and why on Earth he’s hanging out with us today. He also drops the mic about the 8th season of “What’s That Smell?” and its shiny new transformation into “All The Feelings”. And, speaking of feelings and changes, our chat today is inspired by that very first episode of “All The Feelings” that talks about – you guessed it – Change. Tommy’s got some wisdom nuggets about big transitions that he’s itching to share with us.

We then dive headfirst into the deep end of the pool labeled “Big Transitions”. You know the ones we’re talking about – like that cold shock of returning to work after a lazy vacation, or trying to remember what “normal” felt like after being sick for a while. Oh, and let’s not forget the Herculean task of changing daily routines or dealing with the horror of a new commute route. We mull over why these transitions feel like climbing Mount Everest without oxygen, touching on fun concepts like the Hedonic Treadmill (spoiler: it’s not a new fitness trend), our good old friends Fear of The Unknown and Fear of Failure, and that stubborn mule we call Resistance to Change.

But hey, it’s not all doom and gloom! Sure, change can seem as appealing as a root canal, but often, the reality isn’t nearly as terrifying as our overactive imaginations make it out to be. If you’re wrestling with big transitions, we’ve got some top-shelf advice: ask for help (it’s not a crime, we promise), blab about your feelings to someone who’ll listen, and try to channel your inner Sherlock Holmes to get curious about what’s new.

And if you’re still feeling like a cat on a hot tin roof, let’s play a game of “What if”. What’s the absolute worst thing that could happen? Once we break it down, you’ll see that most of our “worst case scenarios” are about as likely as being struck by a meteor while winning the lottery.

So come join us for this rollercoaster ride as we laugh, learn, and maybe cry a little about transitions, fears, and just all the feelings. Together, we’ll navigate this crazy maze of change and come out the other side with a few more laugh lines and a whole lot more wisdom.

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