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Dealing with Unstructured Time and ADHD

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Unstructured time can feel like a long walk in the desert… or maybe off a short pier? Whatever your metaphor for struggle with ADHD and time, when it’s unstructured, things can get challenging. Fast. Or not. Either way, it’s a struggle! Why? Because when you fall into the ADHD time zone, you’re prone to either get nothing done at all and live with the guilt and shame that comes with inactivity, or you’re liable to dive into hyperfocus and get a lot done on one thing at the expense of other responsibilities that may be more important and, that’s right, live with the guilt and shame that comes with hyperactivity. This week on the show, we’re talking all about the ADHD time zone, unstructured time, and offer some strategies that can help you tame your time and take control of your schedule!

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