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The Year-In-Review Listener Q&A!

We called for questions and you delivered! Thank you to everyone who wrote in — We hope we did your questions justice! Here’s the list, and if you use a podcast app that supports them, you’ll find you can jump around to the chapter markers in the episode to hear just the questions you’re looking for.

  1. Have there been any studies on marijuana use and teens with ADHD?
  2. I struggle with weight… I need strategies to get out of the vicious cycle of loss of motivation.
  3. Does boredom lead to depression in ADHD?
  4. I have a significant commute. Do you have strategies for coping?
  5. Is an official ADHD diagnosis important as an adult?
  6. How can I balance my obsession with organizational tools with doing the work?
  7. Was “time & attention” intentional?
  8. How has your process for capturing content changed at conferences?
  9. Have you ever recorded a podcast and then decided not to air it?
  10. Any advice for our past selves?
  11. Where’s the blooper reel?

We wish you a happy holiday season and we’ll be back in 2019!

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