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Creating Through ADHD with Dani Donovan

We are gearing up for November here at The ADHD Podcast. November marks the start of national novel writing month, 30 days of fiendish exploration of words happening at keyboards around the world. But what happens if your brand of ADHD throws a wrench in your desire to create your masterpiece?

This week on the show, illustrator and designer Dani Donovan joins us to talk about her creative process. Dani is the pen behind many fantastic ADHD comics floating around your social media feeds. She tells us how she got started, leading to her emerging identity as a vocal leader of the #NeuroDiverseSquad online. She’s a wonderful talent, and we hope you find her work and process inspirational as you seek to shape your own creative process.

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About Dani Donovan

Dani Donovan is a purpose-driven designer and illustrator who creates ADHD comics. Her first infographic, “Storytelling Flowchart,” went viral within hours, amassed over 100 million views, and has been reposted by celebrities such as Mindy Kaling. In a few short months, Dani’s relatable comics and her #NeurodiverseSquad hashtag helped her quickly become a prominent voice in the online mental health community, with her content reaching millions of viewers each month. Her graphics, jokes, and Twitter threads aim to help those with ADHD understand themselves, feel a sense of belonging, and better explain their invisible struggle to loved ones. Her influence has helped hundreds of people to seek diagnosis and treatment. Dani uses her outgoing nature to reach out and cultivate friendships between women content creators on Twitter, including Jessica McCabe (How to ADHD), Erynn Brook (writing), ADHD Alien (comics), and more. She currently works as a full-time designer at Gallup and lives in Omaha, Nebraska with her husband and two cats.

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