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Aron Croft Brings ME into Building your Business with ADHD

The last time Aron Croft was here, he shared his story of his education and personal background meeting ADHD reality. But you know what else? He built a successful Fortune 500 career and a highly successful training business teaching his 8% Productivity Habit, which helps ADHDers complete what we like to call clogging tasks, those tasks you’ve put off for months, and need more than simple willpower to get them done.

He’s back with us this week to share how the ADHD reality meets the business world and how you might find success by pivoting a business school classic model for your own needs.

We’re talking about the 4PM model: Product, Promotion, Pricing, and Process come together to illuminate the M, Market Fit. But Aaron argues that ADHD business owners need a second M: the ME Fit. Listen in as we explore how to prioritize the Me Fit into your operations, how to figure out what your Me and Market Fit really is, and how to use this model to decide if your best business inspiration is really a good fit for your hard work.

Learn more about Aron at and check out his TikTok summary of 4PM2 here!

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