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Breaking Free from the ADHD Anxiety Generator with Dr. Russell Ramsay

In this episode of The ADHD Podcast, hosts Pete Wright and Nikki Kinzer welcome a special guest – Dr. Russell Ramsay, co-founder and former co-director of the University of Pennsylvania’s Adult ADHD Treatment and Research Program.

Dr. Ramsay shares his insights into the complex interactions between ADHD and anxiety, two disorders that frequently coexist. He discusses how ADHD can be an “anxiety generator,” with its intrinsic characteristics fueling feelings of uncertainty and perceived risk.

From a cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) perspective, Dr. Ramsay explores how thoughts, feelings, and behaviors intertwine in ADHD and anxiety. He highlights the importance of pausing, reflecting, and developing self-awareness to navigate these challenges.

Dr. Ramsay also addresses the concept of “procrastivity” – escaping high-priority tasks by doing other productive things. He offers strategies for breaking this cycle and turning intentions into actions.

With his extensive experience and new book, “The Adult ADHD and Anxiety Workbook,” Dr. Ramsay provides valuable insights for those dealing with the challenging combination of ADHD and anxiety. 

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