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Stop, Drop, and Rolling With the Punches: Self-Compassion when the World Knocks You Sideways

You have a plan. You have a vision of yourself and your performance. But what happens when plans change, or the world doesn’t share your perspective on your own experience? When RSD sets in, your ability to manifest compassion for yourself is most important.

We kick off with a review of RSD, Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria. Need to dive in a little deeper? Look no further than Dr. William Dodson’s article on the topic in ADDitude Magazine. Even better, check out our episode with him on the subject from a few years back.

Once you understand RSD and how RSD can contribute to emotional storms (check out James Ochoa on Emotional Storms here), you get a better picture of the importance of taking your compassion into your own hands. When no one else is looking to care for you, what tools do you have in your bag to care properly for yourself?

This week: tools to cope, regroup, and recover.

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