Credo Sinyangwe and a Life of Remarkable Change • Member Episode

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When we started The Change Paradox, we had all sorts of aspirations. We converted most of my house into a sticky note bunker full of ideas! And while we haven’t made it to, “Invent practical flying car and do interview with James Taylor while flying it,” we are able to check off a box today.

What we didn’t want to do was just talk to change “experts.” We wanted to bring a broader view to the discussion of change. This week we offer someone whose very life, rather than their profession, exemplifies extraordinary change.

Credo Sinyangwe is the father of previous guest Sam Sinyangwe and our first guest in this respect. This unedited interview traces a full-circle life of synchronicity, generosity, and legacy, arching from a childhood in impoverished Tanzania to an adulthood and perspective half a world away.

This is a pretty special conversation for us. Yeah, it’s long, but don’t let that stop you from listening to this gentleman share his life, recorded, for the first time.

Thanks for showing up…

— Pete