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Afterthoughts • The Change Paradox

Dearest friends of the Change Paradox, old and new,

As you’ll hear in today’s Afterthoughts episode, this will be our last episode of the show, at least in its current format. I’m sad to share this news but also very proud of what we have done over the past year and at peace that it’s the right thing for now.

I have really loved this experience, most of all the wonderful guests I’ve had the pleasure of talking with and the enthusiastic feedback from so many of you. I suppose this long-deliberated decision came down to a few converging factors. For starters, it turns out podcasts are an incredible amount of work! And all that prep time puts an incredible number of other important things on the back burner, sometimes for too long. It’s time to get back to those, including more rest than I have gotten in some time. Whew.

Secondly, we succeeded in covering exactly what I’d hoped to: As expected, change indeed has remarkable paradoxical elements in many different fields, and the exploration of that is meaningful and helpful to many. I hope you’ll watch for those elements as they turn up in your lives for years to come. I certainly will.  While we could interview hundreds more to make the point, I think we have made it well already.

Most important, and most subtle, of all, I have this indescribable sense of feeling both “complete” here for now, and as though there is something really important waiting to fill the space. Perhaps a new adventure will bring me to new things I’d like to share with you. If so, we’ll most certainly be back! And we’ll be in touch, too, most likely by posting something new in this space. Please keep your subscription active in case we do. Unless and until that time comes, The Change Paradox will remain available but not be added to.

So, to all of you who have supported us and the show, our heartfelt and sincerest gratitude. You, most of all, have made these hundreds of hours worth it.

All episodes, including the Afterthoughts episodes, will be available publicly so that you can return to them as often and long as you wish. Please reach out if you have questions or concerns, or if you’d like to share some observations of your own about these two seasons. You’ll find me at I’d love to hear from you.

Before we go, let’s all raise a glass to Pete and Andy, the show’s very skilled producers and closest friends. I can’t thank you both enough for so generously lending your experience to this novice’s dream of exploring something so esoteric. You couldn’t be more wonderful to work with, and I enthusiastically point our fans here to your many other informative and entertaining shows at TruStory FM. Mahalo.

More love, not less, everybody.


Change is a given of life, perhaps even the point of it. And now more than ever, it’s everywhere we look. But how well do we understand it? Psychologist Dr. Dodge Rea and guests explore the mysterious, paradoxical nature of successful change.