Lynne McTaggart and the Paradoxical Power of Eight

Hey everybody… it’s Pete.

It’s April. I hope, after everything we’ve been through, that you’re someplace you can walk outside, fill your lungs with clean air, and breathe deep. If we ever needed a spring full of new life, it is right now. So let us take advantage of it by reveling in it and letting ourselves grow through that nourishment.

Journalist and author Lynne McTaggart joins Dodge today to talk about her work. She’s written seven best-selling books, and the scope of that work makes it practically interview malpractice to attempt to cover it all in one conversation. They start by approaching her work chronicling the work of scientists and researchers in the field of consciousness and her own observations of the power of intention.

Speaking personally here, there’s a lot I don’t understand in this space and, frankly, hearing much of it causes my walls to come right up. But as I’ve learned from Dodge time and again, just because I don’t understand a thing, just because it doesn’t fit into the worldview of my collected experience, doesn’t mean I should stop asking questions. There are so, so many questions to be asked.

Ultimately, this is a conversation anchored in hope. And here at The Change Paradox, we want to provide a platform for more hopeful conversations. We can’t think of a better way to continue a hopeful investigation than with this one with Lynne McTaggart and Dodge Rea.

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