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Jerry Campbell and the Dynamic Tension Between Love and Fear


Hey everybody… it’s Pete.

Jerry Campbell is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. He’s been doing the work since 1975. In those early years, he worked in an agency, supervising therapists serving as head of therapy, a road that eventually lead to private practice in 1988.

Judging by his reviews online, it’s no question how Jerry has developed a reputation as a therapist’s therapist.

He joins Dodge today to talk about his approach. As he says it, it’s “an integration of mind, body, and spirit modalities within a family systems framework. I like to say I work with people navigating their own hero’s journey, get more of what they want, and have a transformational experience.” Around these parts, anyone who trucks out Joseph Campbell is aces from the jump.

They take on learning and fear this week, with a provocative dance with our friend the amygdala. Key in on the three F’s — Find, Focus, and Follow. It might just turn out that this trio is a powerful set of F-words you can really set your mind by.

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