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The Exorcist Minute • minute 102

Minute 102 – What An Excellent Day For Merrin!

On this episode of The Exorcist Minute:

  • Oh, no! The Amadeus is gonna get Mozart!
  • Your childhood movies were DARK!
  • A reading from the Book of Blatty
  • Psalm 102 on minute 102 – is this a sign?
  • We get into another fistfight about the layout of this goddamn house
  • Daddy’s Room (also knows as the library)
  • Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya!
  • “Do you come to the MacNeal house often?”
  • What 5 Exorcist characters would YOU choose to battle Pazuzu?
  • “You can choose to escape, but you may never be able to return!”

…and more!

Lester and Kynan attempt to examine, extrapolate and excavate each minute of the iconic film, "The Exorcist." Join them as they cover the scariest movie of all time, minute by terrifying minute! New episodes every Tuesday and Wednesday!