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Appy in the Dirty-Dirty — Guest Brian Dominguez from AT&T Mobility

Apple’s iAd program is predictably pricey. Facebook’s going all hyper-local and sticker-happy like some other Yelpy service we love. With Foursquare, everyone’s watching you – even your drycleaner. LinkedIn is still relevant, in case you didn’t know. Our guest this week on the show is AT&T Mobility’s Brian Dominguez. Brian digs into the app ecosystem from the catbird seat, right between the exploding mobile app market and the platform. He brings some masterful smarts with and shows how he helps drive innovation and deliver results in the palm of your hand. Which is not as weird as it sounds.

The Naked Marketers was a podcast dedicated to tools, technology, and creative work in the field of marketing and advertising. The show ran on the TruStory FM podcast network from 2010 to 2012 with hosts Pete Wright, Dane Christensen, and Megan Strand.