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Bigger, Better, Badder and Bronzer — Guests Lindsey Fosse and Darnell Holloway from Yelp!

Long live local! Now you can check in at the bar, and your favorite TV show! How big is the big money big brands are spending on the Goog? Drake drops the D+ and lowers the bar in education advertising. Dane is in Portland joining us for a beer on the show this week, and Lindsey Fosse and Darnell Holloway join us from Yelp! to talk about the power of the check-in, and how you too can become a social elite!

The Naked Marketers was a podcast dedicated to tools, technology, and creative work in the field of marketing and advertising. The show ran on the TruStory FM podcast network from 2010 to 2012 with hosts Pete Wright, Dane Christensen, and Megan Strand.