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Igniting A Mission-Driven Peer-to-Peer Community With Cure SMA’s Jesse Aynes & Kyle Houlihan

It seems obvious that peer-to-peer fundraising events would be designed with the organization’s missions in mind.

However, amidst the critical logistics decisions, competing messaging priorities and the influence of multiple stakeholders, prioritizing a mission-centric approach can inadvertently take a back seat.

In this episode, Cure SMA’s Jesse Aynes & Kyle Houlihan join P2PPF’s Marcie Maxwell for a conversation on the importance of leading with a mission-first strategy. Kyle & Jesse will share how their team is expanding the Walk-n-Roll community by engaging direct mission providers and tell the story of how they launched a new on-site mission experience – and what they learned from it.

In this episode, we’ll also explore:

  • The importance of a consistent branding & mission experience – and the distinction between the two

  • How their program is evolving to meet the needs and share the stories of the SMA community

  • The full-circle impact of the Walk-n-Roll program on Cure SMA’s mission

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