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Building Deep Relationships With Fundraisers with Make-A-Wish America’s Katie Wood & Make-A-Wish Alabama’s Valerie Cunningham-Trainer

Do you ever find that your relationships with your peer-to-peer fundraisers seem to be a one-way street? As dedicated P2P professionals, we invest substantial effort in crafting the perfect email messages, texts, and social media posts to motivate our fundraisers to take action. But how often do we take the time to truly understand why they are passionate about fundraising in the first place?

In a world where answering calls from unknown numbers is increasingly unlikely, it’s essential that we explore innovative ways to connect with our supporters and put in the necessary time to foster genuine connections.

In this episode, P2PPF’s Marcie Maxwell sits down with Make-A-Wish Alabama’s Vice President of Advancement, Valerie Cunningham-Trainer,  and Make-A-Wish America’s Chapter Events Fundraising Manager, Katie Wood.  Katie and Valerie share a passion for one of Make-A-Wish’s signature P2P programs, the Trailblaze Challenge – a single-day 20+ mile endurance hiking event – and the community it has helped them build for their local chapters. Together, we delve into how they leverage the comprehensive training program and year-round community events to establish profound, authentic relationships with their fundraisers.

In today’s episode, we’ll explore:

  • How Make-A-Wish is connecting their fundraisers to their mission
  • Strategies to turn a small group of event participants into a large year-round community
  • Ways to spot future champions & leaders among P2P fundraisers

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