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Harnessing The Power Of Community Ambassadors with Movember’s Brittany Veneris

Seasoned P2P fundraisers, especially those working in the world of in-person events, recognize the tremendous significance of a highly engaged and goal-oriented volunteer committee. These dedicated individuals play a pivotal role in recruiting our teams, fostering connections with sponsors, and assisting in the seamless execution of event day logistics.

However, when it comes to digital-first P2P fundraising campaigns, the idea of empowering volunteer leadership is often overlooked. Many organizations tend to view these fundraisers as independent, do-it-yourself (DIY) initiatives, with limited connection among them.

So what would happen if we applied our best practices for working with local volunteer leaders to our digital-first campaigns? Local ambassadors can not only extend the campaign’s reach but also enhance its authenticity, foster a sense of community and strengthen the overall impact.

On our Season 1 finale, P2PPF’s Marcie Maxwell sits down with Brittany Veneris, US Director of Fundraising for Movember, one of the peer-to-peer industry’s most unique fundraisers.  Together, we’ll discuss how Movember has built a global network of community ambassadors to drive its annual peer-to-peer fundraising campaign.  Brittany shares how the simple idea of a mustache-growing contest has grown into a global men’s health movement, raising more than $1B in the past 20 years.

In today’s episode, we’ll also explore:

  • How Movember strikes a balance between its fun marketing person with its serious mission
  • Setting goals and expectations with volunteer fundraisers
  • Unique messaging strategies to engage male fundraisers 

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