The Predator

“The data suggests that it tracks its prey, exploits weakness. Seems to enjoy it, like a game.”

The concept from “Predator” has been through a number of evolutions as a film and a franchise, so in this show we’ll dissect the DNA infusions brought to the bunch with the latest release. Written and Directed by Film Board favorite Shane Black, we’re excited to examine what’s new and different here as well as the appropriate level of homage to the classic-ly clever sci fi action horror hybrid.

Listen to this episode and get a crazy roster of thugs: Steve, Andy, Tommy, and JJ surround and take down The Predator. Because of the long history of this movie’s lore stretching back to 1987, you may have expectations about what this movie will bring… we’ll spoil all that for you here. Take a leap with us and join the hunt. 

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