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Post-Divorce Relationships

Let’s start with the hard stuff: the bravest thing you can do is stand up for yourself and move forward. This week, we’re going to talk about the big piece of your divorce puzzle that is going to stand in the way of you doing just that: your relationships.

What’s going to happen to your kids and their relationship with former grandparents? Step- and former step-spouses? Former step-siblings? What rights exist to keep these family relationships together? Like ripples in a pond, families big and small alike experience a complex emotional re-wiring when met with divorce. If you’re a party getting the divorce, this part is going to be hard.

This week on the show, we’re talking all about the tapestry of relationships you have made and will undoubtedly unravel as you wind your way through the divorce process.

Seth Nelson is a Tampa based family lawyer known for devising creative solutions to difficult problems. In How to Split a Toaster, Nelson and co-host Pete Wright take on the challenge of divorce with a central objective — saving your most important relationships with your family, your former spouse, and yourself.
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