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Staging your Epic Comeback with Divorce Coach Nikki Bruno

Are you ready to stage your Epic Comeback? Then it’s time for you to meet Nikki Bruno, divorce coach.

“Get over your divorce before your divorce is over.” So says divorce coach Nikki Bruno in one of the programs she offers, guiding participants through the divorce process with a coach’s attention. And as a coach, she is dedicated to the internal work, the processing required to move through the grief of conflict, anxiety, fear, depression, and grief that comes alongside the legal separation.

This week on the show, Nikki walks us through the work of a coach and how the divorce coach can work alongside the legal process of the divorce itself.

About Nikki Bruno

Nikki Bruno is an empowerment coach and founder of The Epic Comeback™. Her experience of reclaiming her power after a high-conflict divorce inspired her to help others do the same. Bruno is a thought leader on high-conflict divorce, emotional abuse, intuition, and mompreneurship. She is also a 20-year veteran of the publishing industry and a published author. Bruno holds degrees from Princeton and Harvard Universities. She’s been featured on TV news channels worldwide and in Forbes, Reader’s Digest, Authority Magazine, Cosmopolitan, and other outlets. A single mom of two, Bruno loves scuba diving, traveling, salsa dancing, and helping women (re)discover how incredible they are.

Links & Notes

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