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Smart Alcohol: Soberlink Enhances Child Safety Amidst Custody and Alcohol Litigation with Chris Beck

This week, we're going to talk about alcohol, and how you can use technology to monitor use in the divorce process with Soberlink.

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Soberlink is a tool used to identify, test, and communicate alcohol use. If you’re in addiction recovery you might think of it as your accountability partner. For our purposes, it’s all about being accountable to yourself, to your former spouse, and to the court, in an effort to keep clean and preserve your relationships with your kids in the divorce process.

Chris Beck joins us from Soberlink to talk about the tool, the technology behind it, how it is used in the law, and their advocacy surrounding advocacy against weaponizing alcohol addiction. In developing the tool, in fact, you’ll hear how their position aligns to our own: to provide court-admissible proof of sobriety in an effort to regain health and safety in your most important relationships, kids at the top of the list.

About Chris Beck

Chris Beck is the VP of Business Development for Soberlink Healthcare. Chris’ primary responsibilities include working with Family Law Judges, Attorneys, and Health Care Professionals across the country to educate them on Soberlink’s modern approach to alcohol monitoring for Child Custody Cases. Chris and his wife Sheila are Licensed Foster Parents in NC and spend their free time advocating for children in their local community. His family welcomed a new foster baby in early 2019, which continues to strengthen his family values and brings the total to four kids and counting. Over the last four years, Chris has been fortunate to share his advocacy for kids through his education initiative with Family Law Professionals across the country. Due to these efforts, Soberlink has seen a significant rise in education over the last two years, helping position the system as an essential tool in every Family Law practice.

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