Answering the Big Divorce Question: How Are You Going to Pay For It? With Nicole Noonan of New Chapter Capital

This week, Nicole Noonan of New Chapter Capital joins us to answer one of the most difficult decisions in a divorce: How are you going to actually pay for it.

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This week on the show, we’re taking on one of the BIG divorce questions. It comes right along with “where am I going to live,” and “what am I going to do with my life?” … it’s the question of money. Divorces can get expensive. As a result, you need to know how to pay for it.

One option — one of several — is Divorce Financing, and our guest today is fouder and CEO of New Chapter Capital, an organization that specializes in capital financing for divorce. That means, she brings a unique outlook on divorce lending. The red flags that normally might impede lending are considerations in divorce financing as the underwriting process takes into account the overall value of the proposed settlement to lend for living expenses to get you down the road.

First, Nicole helps us address considerations around risk — both to her company and to borrowers — that we need to take into consideration. Second, she’s going to give us the list of categories covered in divorce funding. If you’re struggling to figure out how you’re going to pay for your own divorce, all this means you’re going to learn a lot about this one option you may not have considered!

About Nicole Noonan, Esq.

Nicole Noonan, Esq., is the founder and CEO of New Chapter Capital, Inc. For over a decade, Nicole has been revolutionizing the practice of matrimonial law and divorce finance. Recognized by New York Magazine as New York’s Women Leaders in the Law 2014. As a former matrimonial attorney, Nicole is very familiar with the issues facing the non-moneyed spouse. She remains a member of the New Jersey Bar.

Nicole is a nationally recognized divorce expert. Crowned the “Fairy Godmother of Divorce” by the New York Post’s Julia Marsh, Nicole is an advocate for the protection of women and their rights. Nicole is a frequent featured speaker on Bloomberg’s “Talking Stock with Pimm Fox”. She has been featured on Good Morning America, Bloomberg TV, and WLNY’s “The Couch”.

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