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How to Split a Toaster episode 615

Who Gets the Church? with Josh & Kristy Groce

Who gets the church?

“You can be forgiven of murder. You can be forgiven of infidelity. But divorce? It’s taboo. It’s like they avoid talking about it.”

It’s a great conversation today! Seth and Pete chat with Josh & Kristy Groce – the team behind The Perfectly Blended Podcast – about the challenges that arise for you before, during, and after your divorce in your relationship with your church. Why is divorce still such a taboo subject that many churches haven’t figured out how to navigate yet? As if blended families don’t already have enough to deal with in learning to survive this new world of theirs, they now have to also sort out the new attitude from the church and their own congregation. Josh & Kristy’s experience provides powerful insight into this complex topic. We chat about:

  • Why divorce is still seen as such a taboo in church
  • Learning to relate to your church post-divorce and reconciling that with your own beliefs
  • Rationalizing “commitment”
  • Balancing your divorce with your ex’s and your friends at your church
  • How to deal with the kids

On top of it all, Josh & Kristy talk about their coaching work helping newly blended families get past destructive marriage habits to build a stronger marriage and work through their own unique problems that arise from being divorce previously. They’re truly an inspiration. Tune in!

About Josh & Kristy

Josh & Kristy have experienced life in a way that has given them an opportunity to help others. Physical abuse. Emotional abuse. Sexual abuse. Attempting suicide. Alcohol addiction. Divorce. These are just a few of what these two have been through in life. They have taken these life lessons, plus more and combined it with the saving grace of Jesus. They have decided to honor God by  pouring into couples that are going into or that are in their 2nd marriage or beyond.

Seth Nelson is a Tampa based family lawyer known for devising creative solutions to difficult problems. In How to Split a Toaster, Nelson and co-host Pete Wright take on the challenge of divorce with a central objective — saving your most important relationships with your family, your former spouse, and yourself.