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How to Split a Toaster episode 720

Estate Planning & Appealing Your Divorce: When Final Doesn’t Mean Finished

You’re done with your divorce. That means you’re done with lawyers, right? Not necessarily! In today’s episode, Seth and Pete talk about a few cases in which you may need to talk to a lawyer again – if you want to appeal your divorce, and for post-divorce estate planning.

It’s a rare thing for judges to make mistakes when it comes to divorce cases, but it does happen. That’s when you’d want to appeal your divorce. Seth and Pete talk about other situations that may require going this route, and who you’d talk to for it. We also talk about the difference between appealing your case and a ‘motion to modify.’

While appealing divorces isn’t as common, everyone going through a divorce should immediately do post-divorce estate planning. You’ve just gone through a divorce. All of your financial paperwork is already in your lawyer’s hands. It’s the perfect time to talk to an estate planning attorney. Plus, you want to make sure your ex is no longer included in your will or listed as beneficiary, right?

They’re very important topics in today’s episode. Plus, we have three listener questions. The first is a follow-up to our recent conversation about vocation evaluations, particularly for those also dealing with mental health issues. The second asks about client confidentiality. The third is how to approach your lawyer if you feel their paralegals are making mistakes in your case. Great questions! Tune in!

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Seth Nelson is a Tampa based family lawyer known for devising creative solutions to difficult problems. In How to Split a Toaster, Nelson and co-host Pete Wright take on the challenge of divorce with a central objective — saving your most important relationships with your family, your former spouse, and yourself.