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How to Split a Toaster episode 730

Demystifying Legal Research and the Appeals Process with NLG Family Law Associate Attorney Tia Rowe

NLG Family Law associate attorney Tia Rowe joins Pete to talk about two important topics to help those going through a divorce – legal research and the appeals process.

Legal Research

What should you expect from the research effort? Why is research important? Tia fills Pete in on why this is a valuable part of every case, where lawyers search, how they stay current, and more. They also talk about the difference between case law and statutes, and how case laws sometimes are just bad.

The Appeals Process

What does it mean to appeal your divorce? Why might you do that? How does the appeals process differ from the first proceeding? It’s not for everyone or every divorce, but there are times when it makes sense. Tia discusses these situations with Pete.

Links & Notes

Seth Nelson is a Tampa based family lawyer known for devising creative solutions to difficult problems. In How to Split a Toaster, Nelson and co-host Pete Wright take on the challenge of divorce with a central objective — saving your most important relationships with your family, your former spouse, and yourself.
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