“Anyone can torture, but to break a person without harming physically, that's an art."

We’re keeping with The Next Reel 2017 theme of “Let’s Scare JJ.” Prisoners tortured in secret underground tunnels! A power-crazed cult leader! But even more frightening – it really happened! This month we rewind to Chile in 1973 for Colonia, starring Emma Watson, Daniel Bruhl, and Michael Nyqvist for a film based on true events at Colonia Dignidad. 

We discuss the challenge of basing a film on true events while attempting to balance a suspenseful thriller with a love story. Overall it’s the performances that drive this film and will keep you engaged as this film plays out the 132 days inside the compound as Lena (Watson) and Daniel (Bruhl) attempt to escape. We agree that it’s not likely to be a film we remember. Which is a shame because we agree that it’s an interesting story that people should be aware of. 

For a special double-feature check out April’s Filmboard for The Circle, also starring Emma Watson in a story about a mysterious cult-like organization.

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