Lean on Pete

"Just gotta keep going. This isn’t our home."

A long journey with a horse … through brutal environments … and encounters with ruthless people … no, we’re not talking about Hostiles again. But after taking a month off we wanted to pick up where we were. So this month Steve and JJ are taking on the emotional cliff dive known as Lean on Pete.

With a cast that includes Steve Buscemi and Steve Zahn, you would think that JJ wouldn’t have to endure another brutal film that breaks your heart. But this film is not what you would expect. Steve and JJ are challenged to identify anyone they would recommend it to. Not because it is a bad film, but because it’s hard to imagine anyone you would want to willingly put as a participant in Charly’s journey to find a home.

Is it worth watching? Definitely! Does Steve learn more about the geography of the Pacific Northwest than he expected? Most definitely! Is there an unexpected connection to R. Kelly that makes JJ a bit uncomfortable? Possibly.

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