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JJ and Steve find themselves among another group of exiles in space. This time it is the Aniara, a spaceship taking passengers from Earth to Mars. Despite its luxurious setting on an interplanetary cruise ship, this film does delve into dark territory — literally and figuratively. Based on a book-length science fiction poem written by Swedish Nobel laureate Harry Martinson in 1956, this film explores the impact isolation, anxiety, and despair can have on a society.

Within the first 10 minutes of this episode you will know if this film is for you or not. During the remaining 30 JJ and Steve explore what works, what doesn’t, and the impact this film had on them. Do we really understand how vast space is? What happens when the power of authority is threatened by truth? Are there lessons for us on our own endless, although elliptical, journey through space? Aniara tackles some big questions, JJ and Steve don’t have all the answers, but the would love to have you listen and join the conversation on Discord.

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