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It’s the last Trailer Rewind of 2017, and this time it’s personal. When they decided to watch Andy’s trailer pick from our Syriana episode on February 20, 2015, Steve and JJ had no idea of the impact it would have on them. Writer/director Riley Stearns has crafted a dark tale exploring loss, free will, and the decisions people make that give others power over them. 

This film checks all the boxes of a small independent film: character-driven story, few locations, and an important message to share. Faults is one of those rare exceptions that has found the perfect cast. Leland Orser is one of “those guys”, a familiar face often in a small supporting role. However, here he is one of the leads carrying this film. It is his portrayal of Ansel Roth, a burned out, down on his luck, and weary cult expert that holds this film together. He is joined by Mary Elizabeth Winstead, as Claire, the subject of his deprogramming efforts. 

It’s challenging to find an accurate adjective to describe the journey that we take with Ansel and Claire. At times Steve found some humor in it, while JJ found himself filled with anxiety. What they both agree on is that this is a film worth watching and discussing.

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