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The Report


”If it works, why do you need to do it 183 times?”

File TNR 80120201111 audio under review pursuant to PL 107-56 Case # TR46 SUMMARY – subjects Peter D Wright and Stephen D Sarmento conducted an in-depth discussion regarding the Committee Study of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Detention and Interrogation Program. Analysis and review of recorded comments is ongoing. A favorable bias was detected regarding the fictional portrayal of the events that led up to the creation of the 67,000-page report.

Both Wright and Sarmento made numerous statements regarding their favorable opinion of the video file hosted exclusively on Amazon Prime. It is readily apparent that this fictionalized account, which includes performances from many recognizable actors, is intended to provoke curiosity and further investigation by members of the public into the unclassified Executive Summary report of the Committee Study. Wright and Sarmento encourage public review of the fictionalized portrayal and the readily available Executive Summary.

Further surveillance has been requested to determine additional context regarding the types and quality of video recordings that received comparably favorable comments from Wright and Sarmento. Audio files are easily located through a shell organization named “The Next Reel”.

Additional documents referenced during the recorded conversation have been located at

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