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From Worst-Case to Best Practice: Disaster Recovery Planning with Rodolfo Casás

In this episode of Trilio Insights, our senior solutions architect Rodolfo Casás joins Pete Wright to discuss the critical world of disaster recovery in IT.

Casás breaks down the key differences between backups, high availability, and disaster recovery, emphasizing that while backups are essential, they’re not enough for critical systems that can’t afford downtime. He explains how high availability has evolved from relying on expensive, “fail-proof” servers to modern cloud-native approaches that assume any component can fail at any time.

The conversation delves into the sobering statistics of data disasters: 82% of breaches involve human error and the average cost of downtime is $1,400 per minute. Casás stresses the importance of thorough disaster recovery planning, including risk assessment, understanding critical applications, and regular testing.

Finally, Casás introduces Trilio’s “continuous restore” feature, which aims to dramatically reduce recovery time by pre-staging data on secondary clusters. This approach can significantly speed up disaster recovery, especially for large datasets.

The episode concludes with a call to listeners to learn more about disaster recovery, with Wright emphasizing its importance for anyone who has experienced data loss.

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