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The Power of Ecosystem Collaboration with Trilio, Redhat, Accenture, and Dynatrace

This week on the show, Pete Wright sits down with a panel of experts from Trilio, Red Hat, Accenture, and Dynatrace ahead of their upcoming presentation at Red Hat Summit 2024 in Denver. Kevin Jackson (Trilio), Jan Myklebust (Red Hat), Usmin Mir (Accenture), and Steve Weinert (Dynatrace) discuss their collaboration on achieving IT service continuity through ecosystem-powered AIOps and event-driven automation.

The panel explores the origins of their partnership, which began with a project called Navan, a hybrid multi-cloud environment designed to drive co-creation and innovation for joint customer opportunities. As the collaboration evolved, the team tackled challenges such as digital sovereignty and operational resiliency, bringing together the expertise of each partner to create comprehensive solutions.

The conversation delves into the importance of open source ideology in fostering effective collaboration among ecosystem players and the challenges of working with large hyperscalers. The panelists also share their expectations for Red Hat Summit 2024, emphasizing the significance of raising awareness about the potential of ecosystem collaborations and the reality of cloud downtime.

Tune in to discover the journey of this unique partnership and gain insights into the future of IT service continuity in an increasingly complex cloud landscape.

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