A Good Day to Die Hard

With the surprise success of the fourth entry into the “Die Hard” franchise, it was inevitable that the studio would push for yet another film. It took six years, but eventually, they got it made. The script that was developed for the fifth film was the first one developed from an original idea in the franchise and was written by the scribe behind the theatrical adaptation of The A-Team. The director was brought on after making the adaptation of the video game Max Payne. It seems an odd pairing, but clearly, the producers felt they saw something on this team that they felt would bring something new to this franchise. Join us – Pete Wright and Andy Nelson – as we conclude our Die Hard series with John Moore’s 2013 film A Good Day to Die Hard. 

We talk about Moore’s history, as well as that of writer Skip Woods, and try to figure out why they were the team brought on to make this film. We look at all of the elements that don’t work for us in this film but largely struggle most with the fact that they make McClane really unlikeable. We chat about Jai Courtney and why we really like him as McClane’s son, even if he wasn’t given a good script to really make his mark with. We also talk about Sebastian Koch, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Yuliya Snigir, Rasha Bukvic and more as we look at what they bring to the table. We rank our favorite Yippee Ki-Yays and our franchise villains. And we dig into what works and what doesn’t in big action sequences like the car chase.

It’s a mess of a film that ruins so much of what’s great in the franchise, even while the filmmakers clearly still throw in references and callbacks as often as they can. We may not have liked it, but we have a great time talking about it. Check it out if you must, but tune in regardless! The Next Reel – when the movie ends, our conversation begins.

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