From Healing to Helping with Matt Raekelboom

For the next few weeks, we’ll be talking with ADHD influencers. You might have seen them on YouTube or TikTok or Instagram talking about their experiences with ADHD — we want to talk with them about their experience leading them to become creators.

Kicking off this series we welcome Matt Raekelboom. Matt’s a Toronto-based influencer predominantly on TikTok and Instagram sharing his tools and strategies around ADHD, fitness, and healthy living with his 300,000 followers. What you don’t get if you just stumble across Matt’s one-minute videos, though, is any taste of the long road he had to take to get it posted.

He was an ADHD kid of the 80s, when we were wandering the wilderness of ADHD and medication, and ended up over-medicated and misunderstood. He battled substance abuse and homelessness, but regained his footing with an explosive passion for discovery of how his ADHD had played a part in all his troubles, and how it would play a part in his future successes, too.

You can find Matt on Instagram and TikTok, naturally, and check out his community at Journey2ADHD.


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