Three Trends in Cause Alliances: Data, Startups & Franchise

Today on CauseTalk Radio, Megan, and Joe talk to Maureen Carlson, President, and Brittany Hill, Vice President of Research and Insights at Good Scout, a social good consultancy, about their 2015 Cause Alliances Trend Report.

Data-Driven Cause Alliances. The use of the data we produce and collect will be more important than ever to building effective cause alliances. “Data is really the foundation for your amazing, smarter story,” said Maureen. “It’s about words and pictures AND NUMBERS.”

Emerging Industries. Certain industries, like shared economies, wearables, brick-and-mortar e-commerce and consumer healthcare, are growing at record rates, providing immense opportunities for cause alliances in 2015. “With e-commerce going brick and mortar this opens up a new category for nonprofits to target as business partners,” explained Brittany.

Franchise Growth. Franchise corporations have long been great supporters of nonprofit causes. Unexpected franchise categories like healthy fast food, fitness & wellness and children enrichment franchisees are now on the rise, which present interesting national and local cause alliance opportunities.

“The franchised business is set to grow faster than the U.S. economy,” said Brittany. “But the advantage is that even local nonprofits can work with their local franchise partner.”

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