Dole Foods, Chef Roy Choi Launch Food Truck for a Cause in LA

Today on Cause Talk Radio, Megan and Joe talk to Stuart McAllister, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for the Food Service Segment of Dole Packaged Foods, about Dole’s partnership with celebrity chef Roy Choi on starting a healthy eating movement in Los Angeles.

They discuss:

  • How the partnership between Dole and Roy began because of Stuart’s love of Roy’s food!
  • How Dole’s involvement began with a student-run cafe selling smoothies to a storefront to a food truck, which is staffed with interns from the Coalition for Responsible Community Development.
  • Why an international conglomerate like Dole decided to launch a hyper-local program in Los Angeles.
  • How Dole supports the program and its aspirations to expand the other program to other markets
  • How Dole’s support for the cause benefits the Dole Foods brand.
  • How Dole is supporting other causes around the world.

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