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What’s the Key to Nonprofit Success, Money or Talent?

What's more important to a nonprofit's success, money or talent? That's the topic of discussion on today's CauseTalk Radio.

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What’s more important to a nonprofit’s success, money or talent? That’s the topic of discussion on today’s CauseTalk Radio. Megan and Joe talk to Lynda Gerty, co-author of “The Abundant Not-for-Profit” and Director of Engagement at Vantage Point. This new book combines theory with tactics, case studies and practical tools to show how organizations can attract, meaningfully engage and integrate all the talent available in the community. Is talent really more important than money? Megan and Joe share their doubts. But Lynda presents a powerful, relevant case that the untapped treasure for nonprofits is talent, not money. Tune in now!

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