How Team4Tech and NetApp Found Virtual Volunteering Success

Team4Tech’s Julie Clugage and NetApp’s Michelle Mann discuss pivoting to virtual volunteer employee engagements

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It’s a situation in which many companies and nonprofit partners have found themselves during the Covid–19 pandemic: the need to pivot a robust, in-person volunteer engagement to a virtual one.

In this episode of Cause Talk Radio, Megan and Alli chat with Team4Tech’s Julie Clugage and NetApp’s Michelle Mann about how they were able to transform what would typically have been an in-person volunteer experience in Ghana focused on reading to a virtual one – and receive rave reviews from participants!

It turns out the secret lies in program design, which the partners discovered was transferrable to a virtual channel.

Tune in to hear their lessons learned from this excellent corporate social impact partnership and what they plan to keep about these virtual engagements – even after Covid fades away.

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