Non-Fungible Tokens and Clubhouse for Good (The Joe Show)

SelfishGiving.com’s Joe Waters drops in to talk all things digital and cause, including Non-Fungible Tokens for Good and the first cause marketing effort on Clubhouse.

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We’re back with another episode of The Joe Show with Selfishgiving.com’s Joe Waters!

In this episode, Joe teaches Megan what the heck a non-fungible token is (and why you should care) and shares highlights from a recent episode of The Cause Docs with Mike Hollywood about turning your website into a lead magnet.

Megan and Joe also talk about the first cause marketing effort on Clubhouse (Hint: it’s for the dogs!) as well as an all-time favorite cause day of all time: Jersey Mike’s Day of Giving.

As usual, there’s plenty of fun in today’s episode so keep listening for more goodness from the amazing Joe Waters.

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