Reinventing the CARE Package For A Covid World And Beyond

CARE’s Head of Corporate Partnerships, Chris Noble, talks pandemic pivots and the future of social impact.

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COVID unearthed some truly spectacular stories of our capacity to change and adapt to dire circumstances. One of our favorite “pivot” stories comes from the international NGO CARE.

In this episode of Cause Talk Radio, Megan chats with Chris Noble, Head of Corporate Partnerships for CARE. Many of you know Chris as an agency and technology guy and after sitting in this role at CARE for just over a year now, he’s got some interesting insights you’re going to want to hear.

Chris shares CARE’s COVID Pivot story and what’s he’s personally learned about the huge value that nonprofit organizations bring to their corporate and other strategic partners.

It’s always a huge pleasure having Mr. Noble in the house, so enjoy this conversation!

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