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Transformational Partnerships, Co-Creation and Social Innovation With Save The Children

Save The Children’s Kevin McAndrew talks social innovation, transformational partnerships and co-creation in 21st century corporate partnerships.

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In this episode of Cause Talk Radio Megan chats with Kevin McAndrew, Senior Director of Social Innovation Partnerships at the nonprofit Save the Children. Kevin and Megan discuss how corporate partnerships have evolved over the years and how his organization has worked to scale and adapt in new and sophisticated ways.

The two discuss skills based volunteering, cause marketing, employee engagement and social innovation and the distinction Kevin makes between ‘shared value’ and transformational partnerships.

Kevin shares his thoughts on common mistakes nonprofits tend to make, his unique view on the value the corporate partner team brings to the table as well as some examples about how they’re co-creating some very cool new, innovative technologies with corporate partners and finish up with Kevin’s predictions for the election year.

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