Mastercard’s Girls4Tech Engages Employees, Girls To Advance STEM Careers (Halo Winner)

Eighty percent of jobs in next decade need some combination of STEM skills. Yet only 30% of the STEM workforce is comprised of women. To address this shortage of women in STEM careers, in 2014 Mastercard created an employee engagement effort called Girls4Tech, designed to showcase the in-house expertise of the global payments processor.

Girls4Tech won the Gold Halo Award in 2020 for the Skilled Volunteerism Category and in this episode of Cause Talk Radio, Megan speaks talk with Susan Warner, VP of Talent and Community Engagement for Mastercard who founded this incredible program.

Megan and Susan discuss the genesis of Girls4Tech, how they achieved massive scale with this program and what Susan considers the “triple crown” of employee engagement as well as the advice Susan has for other businesses considering skilled volunteerism initiatives.

Links & Notes

*Girls4Tech Website