How Imperfect Foods Is Taking A Bite Out Of Food Waste

Hello, Cause Talk Radio listeners, we have an exciting announcement to share! Engage for Good’s Marketing and Engagement Manager Alli Murphy will be joining Megan as a co-host on the podcast when she can steal away from other projects and today marks her very first appearance on the show!

In this episode of Cause Talk Radio, Alli and Megan have the great pleasure of chatting with Maddy Rotman, Head of Sustainability for Imperfect Foods.

Food waste is a major issue in our country (and let’s be honest, sometimes it’s been a major issue in our own kitchens) but you may not realize just HOW big of an issue it is, including from a climate perspective.

Thankfully, Maddy walks Alli and Megan through not only the scope of the food waste issue but what Imperfect Foods is doing to ensure our food system becomes more holistic and more sustainable for everyone – from growers to consumers and beyond.

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