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Learnings from Contact Center Leaders with Samantha Middlebrook

If you’re a contact center leader, this week we’re talking all about you. What’s going on in your business? How are you handling staffing in a strong employee market? How are you navigating modern metrics post-pandemic? Samantha Middlebrook, Senior Director of Product Marketing and Product Management Contact Center Productivity Business Unit here at Upland Software, joins Pete Wright to share her lessons learned from contact center leaders around the world.

The big takeaways: The last two years have been hard on call centers. From attracting and retaining call center talent to training and development, staffing is at the top of Samantha’s list. How does a modern call center remain adaptable in the face of new requirements around flexibility and engagement? And how does the savvy manager do the work of managing a staff spread out on islands around the world? Samantha has guidance on that, too.

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