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Trends, Tools, and Human Centered AI at KMWorld with Stin Mattu

This week, Pete Wright sits down with Stin Mattu, Product Marketing Manager for Contact Center Productivity Solutions at Upland Software. The duo delve into the transformative influence of artificial intelligence (AI) in the realm of knowledge management, particularly in the ranks of the 27th annual KMWorld Live.

Stin delves into the role of AI as it evolves from a trend to a pervasive tool, redefining the landscape of knowledge management. Matu shares his experiences and insights from the KMWorld event, highlighting the ubiquity of AI discussions across the vendor landscape. He points to the shift in AI’s role – from an elusive concept to a practical tool that is increasingly integrated into vendors’ roadmaps.

The conversation traverses the spectrum of AI application, from enhancing knowledge creation and improving knowledge for knowledge workers to empowering call center agents with augmented response generation capabilities. Mattu emphasizes the benefits of AI in relieving cognitive load for agents, enabling them to focus on understanding their customers’ needs. The discussion underscores the potential of AI to revolutionize knowledge management by doing “80 percent of the hard work,” allowing human agents to concentrate on the remaining 20 percent that is most critical.

This episode unravels key questions around the reliability of AI-driven solutions, the impact of AI on the future of work, and the crucial role of the human in AI implementation. Mattu provides valuable insights into the balance between AI’s capabilities and the need for human oversight in ensuring accuracy and avoiding potential brand damage.

Mattu advocates for AI as a tool that enhances human work rather than replacing it, envisaging a future where AI and humans work collaboratively. He states, “This technology is there, and if we use it correctly, it’s going to be something that is enhancing the work that humans do rather than replacing the work that humans do.”

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