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Keeping Your Knowledge Compliant with Ever-Changing Systems and Regulations with Rosemary Kirk

In this episode of Connected Knowledge, Pete talks with Rosemary Kirk, Senior Solutions Consultant at Upland Software, about how healthcare organizations can leverage knowledge management to improve compliance, training, and overall operations. With constantly shifting regulations and patient expectations, healthcare providers need agile systems to empower employees and remain competitive.

Pete and Rosemary explore the mounting pressures healthcare professionals face today, from rapidly changing protocols to retaining staff. They discuss how misaligned internal processes lead to poor patient experiences and the need for cross-departmental collaboration. The conversation ultimately centers around how a unified knowledge base can help organizations adapt quickly, keep reps up-to-date, and satisfy both patients and auditors.

Questions we answer in this episode:

  • How are outdated training methods impacting healthcare providers?
  • What does an agile healthcare organization look like today?

Key Takeaways:

  • Communication across departments is critical for a smooth patient experience
  • A centralized knowledge base helps staff stay compliant and empowered

Plus, we tackle another listener question on the best strategies for keeping reps up-to-date and informed!

By the end, you’ll understand the pressing need for knowledge management in the healthcare industry and how the right tools can drive better patient outcomes. Tune in to hear powerful insights from Rosemary Kirk on structuring healthcare knowledge for operational excellence.

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