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Retailer BoxLunch Serves Up Hunger Relief for Feeding America

Today on Cause Talk Radio, Megan and Joe talk to Robert Thomsen, Vice President & General Manager of Merchandising & Marketing for BoxLunch, a civic-minded specialty retailer with an online site and eight physical stores.

With every $10 spent on the site, BoxLunch will help provide a meal to a person in need through its partnership with Feeding America.

On the show:

  • How BoxLunch got started – it’s only a year-old and focused on Millennial shoppers.
  • Why BoxLunch chose Feeding America and whether they will add additional charities. 
  • How BoxLunch donated over 70,000 meals in its first 30 days of operation.
  • The success BoxLunch is having telling the Feeding America story in stores — and how it trains its employees to tell that story.
  • What other cause businesses did BoxLunch look to for inspiration? 
  • Why did they decide to embed cause marketing in right from the start?
  • How much has cause contributed to BoxLunch’s success? Can they put a percentage on it?
  • How BoxLunch is involving their vendors in supporting Feeding America.
  • Critical lessons learned as BoxLunch has ramped up their business.

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