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Tech Company Partners with Oxfam for ‘See a Demo, Get a Goat’

Today on Cause Talk Radio, Megan and Joe talk to Lisa Lewis, Director of Marketing at Formation Data Systems (FDS), a startup data storage company, about an interesting cause marketing partnership with Oxfam involving giving goats to families in need!

On the show, Megan, Lisa and Joe discuss:

  • How FDS was looking for a marketing program that was affordable but impactful when Lisa discovered Oxfam after a friend gave her a goat as a gift!
  • How the program works. If you demo FDS‘ product through Oxfam they will donate a goat to a needy family in a third-world country.
  • The power of goats! They are a fantastic animal to donate because almost singlehandedly they can lift a family out of poverty.
  • How FDS has used See a Demo, Get a Goat outside outside a trade show (that they couldn’t afford to attend!) with great success!
  • Are goats the next household pet?!
  • How FDS has incorporated goats into a series of videos called GoatBusters that links the craziness of goats with the disorganization of most company’s storage efforts.
  • Two unexpected lessons from the program. First, employees love it – especially their younger employees (Millennials!). Second, the program is so “sticky.” Prospects remember the goats!
  • Is this cause marketing program driving sales?
  • FDS’ partnership with Oxfam. What do they think of the program and its success?
  • What is the key takeaway from this program? What can other B2B companies learn from it?
  • What’s next for the goats?

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