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Causely Helps Businesses Grow with Word-of-Mouth Cause Marketing

Today on Cause Talk Radio, Megan and Joe talk to co-founders Matt Sharp and John Rougeux at Causely, a service that helps businesses use cause marketing to grow and build community. 

With Causely, the business benefits from a big increase in word-of-mouth (typically a 4–6x increase in social media impressions!). Businesses also earn a charitable reputation in the process. Customers benefit because it gives them an easy (and free) way to support great causes. And, of course, non-profits benefit as Causely has donated over $2 million since it launched.

On the show, Megan, John and Joe discuss:

  • How Causely works (Facebook check-ins) and who they work with (Today, 3,200 businesses!).
  • What type of businesses benefit most from Causely?
  • How does Causely work with the business to coordinate Facebook check-ins and donations? Why couldn’t businesses do this themselves?
  • How are donations funded? Do they come from the customer? The business? Causely?
  • What are “social goods”?
  • What causes have been most popular with businesses and customers?
  • How Causely works on Instagram with “location tags.”
  • How Causely gives people a socially acceptable reason to post a selfie of themselves at the gym.
  • How Causely can work with Facebook ads.
  • What makes a great nonprofit partner for Causely? Storytelling is key!

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